Snowdon: Step-by-Step Guide to the Summit

If you’re looking for an exciting challenge in a truly breathtaking location then climbing Mount Snowdon is certainly something to consider. Here is how to do it with ease…

The Mountain Itself

Located in the north-west of Wales’ Snowdonia National Park this mountain offers an abundance of sublime beauty. In fact views from the summit were actually voted the UK’s top sight in a poll conducted in 2017. The terrain is just simply stunning with excellent vantage points throughout to appreciate the cascading hillsides and tranquil lakes.

Hiking Tips

To climb Snowdon via our recommended route takes around 6 hours there and back, trekking 7 miles and ascending 723 metres. At times there are slightly challenging ascents to overcome but overall the climb is relatively straightforward even if you haven’t done something like this before. It is a rewarding day out if you are looking to appreciate some aesthetic beauty and achieve something new!


Our recommended route is to follow the PYG track which takes you from Pen y Pass car park up to Bwlch Glas and upwards towards the summit. If the car park is full there are normally places to park on the nearby roads, bear in mind this will add some time onto the journey the further away you park and this can be a little painful once returning after a whole day of hiking.

Once you are ready to begin head over to the far corner of the car park where the mountain trail begins. It is definitely wise to wear appropriate clothing and footwear especially in the colder months as the terrain can get a little challenging. Nevertheless the path is easy enough to follow so don’t worry about getting lost, but do ensure you bring plenty of bottled water and some food as the round journey can be roughly 6 hours.


Starting the Climb

Once prepared and ready to go take the trail in the far corner of the car park as previously mentioned. After the first 10 minutes of the ascent it soon becomes clear how steep this first stint actually is and in a short time you will be able to peer down over the winding roads from where you started.

The views from here are great which more than compensates for the strenuous start, just be careful on this terrain as it is quite rocky and injury can mean your trip is over before it has even begun. Just take your time, ease into the journey and after about an hour you will reach Bwlch y Moch signaling the next stage of the journey!


Passing Llyn Llydaw & Glaslyn

Continuing forward Llyn Llydaw natural lake soon comes into view. Recognised as one of the most visited lakes in the country it remains in view for a while with lake Glaslyn being passed later in the journey also. The Miners Track is visible from here too which is an alternative trail at a lower height which follows the lake around.

This track can actually be used on descent (returning to y Pass car park), so if you are looking for some different views this is highly recommended! Moving around Llyn Llydaw the ascent becomes more challenging and gets very rocky again, regular breaks on this section is advisable.


The path continues to lead around and ascends steadily so don’t fear this shouldn’t be too challenging even for novice hikers climbing their first mountain. The photo above shows the the peak of Snowdon which remains in view, however you won’t be climbing up the extremely steep mountainside but around it instead.

Final Push Towards Summit

You will soon be en-route to Bwlch Glas which is the top of the mountain that leads to the summit but before you get here be prepared for some of the steepest paths yet.

If hiking in the colder months of the year this path can get very snowy which can be a little dangerous if not wearing footwear with decent grip, so be prepared if you are hiking outside of summer.

Once you step foot onto Bwlch Glas the trail becomes a lot flatter, follow it across the top of the mountain and in around 20 minutes the summit will be in sight!


Finally you will follow the rocky staircase to the summit which concludes the ascent and from here you can take as long as you need to marvel at the astonishing panoramic view. Towards the left of the photograph above you can just about see the tiny trail which was followed on your ascent and soon will be used again on descent.

The Return Journey

After some appropriate resting, token photographs and admiration of the sights it will be time to make your way back down. As mentioned earlier it might be worth taking the miners path a bit later which allows for some different scenery returning to Pen y Pass car park.

Visiting mount Snowdon provides a memorable experience and after the descent grab some dinner at a local pub to refuel, recollect on the adventure and maybe even enjoy a couple of pints, you’ve earned it!


Top Tips

Take your time

Bring Plenty of Water

Pack a Lunch

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Embrace the challenge


Peak District, England

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