Belgrade: Why This City is a Top European Destination

Belgrade is a beautiful city situated on Europe’s second longest river the Danube. This vast river gives Belgrade a feeling of openness and freedom which many European cities don’t have.

Belgrade Is So Unique

What helps to bring such magic to the city is the large number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that occupy miles of Belgrade’s rivers, the choice is astonishing. If you come here by night (during the summer) you’ll hear the loud sound of music and see many colorful UV lights from open-air raft nightclubs bringing the river to life.

These amazing rafts offer a spectacular view of the city whilst bringing a vast range of different music from contemporary chart music, to drum and bass, to traditional Balkan folk music. Belgrade could easily be considered to have the best nightlife in Europe!


First Things to Know

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia within a region of Europe called the Balkans. This geographic area in Southeastern Europe is comprised of seven countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia).

Serbia was once part of Yugoslavia until its collapse in the 1990’s after a devastating civil war. Some  people outside this region of the world may know little of Serbia except from images across news screens during that unrelenting period.

This is really unfortunate as Belgrade is one of Europe’s most welcoming and warming cities offering everything from authentic historical landmarks to exquisite cuisine and bustling nightlife!


Explore Kalemegdan Fortress

Not only does Belgrade’s river possess extraordinary nightlife but it is also home to Kalemegdan Fortress. Dating back to before the 3rd Century AD the fortress is the most historical part of the city containing well preserved monuments and Belgrade’s biggest park.

Take a stroll through the gardens, check out the military exhibition, purchase a souvenir or even stop by at an ice cream stand on a hot day (temperatures can rise above 35 °C during summer months).

After this come back during sunset and you’ll be treated to a breathtaking display of light as the sun disappears beyond the horizon leaving the skyline a fiery orange everywhere you look.


From the far side of the fortress you can spot the Great War island located at the meeting point of the Sava and Danube rivers. The island itself is uninhabited by humans but is home to many species of plants, birds and mammals.

Not far from here on the other side of the river there are companies that run kayaking tours for affordable prices where you can do a round tour of the island which is a lot of fun. If you want to get onto the island itself there is actually a man made bridge constructed on the Danube that allows you to do so, this is worth a visit on a warm day!


Get Immersed in the City

The inner city comprises of a high street filled with shops, cafes and restaurants. Here you can splash your cash on some new clothes, footwear or a beautiful piece of art work which is exhibited by artists on the street.

The currency is Serbian dinar which goes a long way if you have exchanged from an expensive currency back home. A three course meal in a nice restaurant costs around 10.00 GBP, a pint of local beer costs around 1.50 GBP and a coffee from a cafe comes out at around 1.00 GBP.

Prices in Belgrade make this city an attractive place to visit as you are not spending extortionate amounts of cash like you would in London, Paris or New York.


Visit the Church of Saint Sava

Away from the high street is The Church of Saint Sava which is a Christian Orthodox church located around a 30 minute walk from the city center. The architecture is admirable and is an iconic structure in Belgrade’s skyline with its illuminating white marble and granite exterior.

Surrounding the church is a charming little park with a fountain feature which cools down the simmering summer heat. Take your time just to relax here and try come back at night too as the building lights up and looks absolutely stunning.


Take a Day Trip to Zemun

Once you have finished checking out Belgrade catch the bus and head over to Zemun just around 20 minutes away. This is another historical part of the city with beautiful houses and streets situated just off the river.

Climbing up to the Tower of Sibinjanin Janko there are some excellent views looking out over the Great War island and the rest of Belgrade. Next to the riverside in this province are a number of high end restaurants where you can eat by the water for a reasonable price, if not just simply take a stroll to catch some fresh air.


One of Europe’s Top Destinations

If you are looking for an experience in a welcoming, vibrant and lively city then Belgrade is the place to go.

Forget London, Paris or New York where you pay much higher prices, go to Belgrade where you’re treated to spectacular sunsets, enchanting historical sights, authentic cuisines and buzzing parties on open-air boats in a beautiful city that gives back everything you put in, and more.


Top sights

Kalemegden Fortress

Floating Rafts

Church of Saint Sava

Great War Island




Country: Serbia

City: Belgrade

Currency: Serbian Dinar

Language: Serbian



Riga, Latvia


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  1. Thanks for this post. Since spending time this year in Montenegro, Bosnia, and Croatia Belgrade has been on my radar. I didn’t know much about it and really couldn’t find much online that was that informative. Your pics and description have me really excited to visit!

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