Mostar: 5 Reasons To Visit Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you’re looking for an authentic historical city with rich culture and some of the hottest European weather then Bosnia and Herzegovina’s fifth largest city Mostar is a great place to visit.

1. Friendly & Relaxed Vibe

Outside of the region many people might not have heard of Mostar or only seen images of the Stari Most bridge (seen in photograph above) left in ruin after being bombed by Croat Military forces during the Croat-Bosniak War in 1993.

But with the bridge now reconstructed tourists have returned to the city. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere here with all the necessary cafes and restaurants to keep any visitor happy. The city centre is relatively small so around 3 nights here is the perfect amount of time to settle in and explore sufficiently without being rushed.


2. Cosmopolitan Architecture

One of the first things noticed when arriving in Mostar is its cosmopolitan architecture, buildings here have influences from a range of different cultures such as European, Ottoman and Orthodoxy.

With the lack of modern architecture around you feel as if you have been swept back to the times of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

All the structures here are impressive but some stand out more than others such as the Koski Mehmed Pasha’s mosque seen in the photograph above, it was built as far back as 1618 but was reconstructed after being heavily damaged in the recent war.

You can climb the mosque’s minaret to see some great views across the Old town which is definitely worth your time. There are many unique exhibits of architecture here, you don’t particularly have to go looking for them, so just simply take a walk around the old town and become immersed in it all.


3. Famous Stari Most Bridge

The Stari Most is a beautiful reconstruction of an Ottoman bridge which was built in the 1500’s over the Neretva River. The original bridge stood for over 400 years until it was bombed in 1993, since then there was a major project to rebuild it and the new bridge subsequently opened in 2014. It is the major sight in the city’s Old town and is very hard to miss as is seen from most directions.

By standing on top or under the bridge you are able to watch people dive off, this is due to the traditional yearly diving competition held here and is a fantastic thing to witness. However, this is probably not a wise thing to try yourself unless you are an experienced diver, with many stories of broken limbs being heard. The Stari Most is one of the top unique sights in Europe and is impossible for visitors to miss, check it out.


4. Lazy Old Town

The Old town really does feel old, most of the buildings are made out of stone and the streets are full of cobbled pavements. As you would expect there are many souvenir shops to visit and cosy cafes occupying the streets.

Mostar is well known for its traditional industries such as tailors, tanners and coppersmiths (the latter is actually well preserved today). However, the tanning industry has sadly almost gone but the area they used to reside in called “Tabhana” still exists today and is known for its Turkish atmosphere and early morning coffees.

5. Absorbing Culture

Mostar is very historic which can be sensed all around the city. It is a really nice place to visit if you’re not looking for anything too big and bold. The Old town is very low key and doesn’t saturate you with advertising or large skyscrapers which can be really refreshing.

Also, with The Stari Most being such an iconic landmark just to see it in person is a true privilege. So if you want to experience something a little bit different which doesn’t require a large budget but still offers great sights, restaurants and cafes, then Mostar has everything you need.


Top sights

Stari Most Bridge

Koski Mehmed Pasha’s mosque

Old Town

Turkish Cafes



Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

City: Mostar

Currency: Bosnian Convertible Marks

Language: Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian



Belgrade, Serbia

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