Romania: 7 Photos That Change Your Perception

So here’s the question – why travel to Romania as a tourist? The country is certainly not top of many people’s to-do list, but it actually contains some of the most unique sights in Europe.

Here are 7 photographs that help paint a more colourful image of the place…

1. Castles

A unique aspect of Romania is the number of castles that can be visited around the region known as Translyvania. This area is usually associated with the novel of Dracula, but many people don’t realise this is a real place. The two most famous castles are Bran (Dracula’s castle) and the neo-renaissance ‘Peles Castle’, as seen below…

2. Mountains

Transylvania is also known for it’s hills and mountains which is another thing that’s not always attributed to the country. The Carpathian mountains run through this area and they are truly spectacular. The best way to access the mountains is by the small tourist towns of Busteni and Sinaia. From here you can pay around 10 euros to take the cable car to Bucegi National Park.

3. Cities

Romania has a number of tourist friendly medieval cities such as Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. These quaint cities offer a relaxed vibe with unique architecture and historical centres. Walking around these cities feels like you’ve gone back to the Middle Ages. Here is a photograph of the centre of Sibiu.

4. Architecture

If there is one capital city in Europe you would consider an enigma of architectural styles, then Bucharest is definitely it. Here you are surrounded by so many completely different buildings it can feel like a puzzle at times. Architectural influences include Art Nouveau, Neo-Romanian and Communist styles. Here is Bucharest at sunset..

5. Vibrance

It’s easy to associate Romania with dull communist tower blocks and the revolutions of 1989 when Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown, but Romania is actually full of colour. With it’s colourful buildings, flowers and fountains the city of Timisoara is a great example of this.

6. Picturesque

Some cities are not great for photographs and some are not great to look at full stop. This can’t be said about many cities in Romania as there is a lot to please the eye. During the evening is the best time to explore as the city lights turn on illuminating the historic buildings and landmarks. Here is the Bridge of Lies at Sibiu..

7. Atmospheric

Romania has a good atmosphere, especially in the cities of Brasov, Sibiu and Timisoara. These are excellent places to visit for tourists and if you prefer something a bit quieter, then these areas are relaxed but still atmospheric. Here is Union Square in Timisoara on a relaxed Tuesday evening.

… So there’s 7 Photographs hopefully showing Romania in a different light.

These are only a handful of images that were captured during a four week tour of the country. There is a lot to experience here and this blog only touches the surface.


Peak District, England

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