Eastern Europe: 5 Cities You Must Visit

Many people prefer to travel western Europe and completely avoid the east. By doing this they are actually missing out some of the continent’s best cities!

Eastern Europe is very safe these days, and unlike much of western Europe it is not over-touristy nor has super high prices. Here are 5 of the top cities you really have to visit…

Tallinn, Estonia

A beautiful historical city characterised by gothic architecture and medieval streets. Tallinn is not big meaning everything is in walking distance so it’s easy to explore by foot. There are many excellent restaurants and bars dotted around the old town giving a superb choice. Located by the sea Stroomi Beach is only a five minute drive away also.

Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the most relaxing capital cities you will ever visit with a population of just over 500,000. The streets are amongst the quietest in Europe and are cycle friendly. Vilnius is full of little parks and trees which gives the place a charming aura. Like Tallinn, there are numerous bars and restaurants in the old town and a lively atmosphere at night.

Kiev, Ukraine

We all know Ukraine is a troubled country as of 2018 but the capital Kiev remains safe. Its a big, busy city which keeps you on your toes so you will never get bored. For sightseeing there is plenty to feast your eyes on with some of the most extravagant orthodox cathedrals in Europe. Simply just stepping foot in this part of the world is a great experience.

Belgrade, Serbia

For nightlife Belgrade is definitely number one choice. During the summer along the river there are floating rafts turned night clubs which offer some of the best nightlife in Europe. By day the city is bustling in the cafes, restaurants and shops. However, if you want to escape the busy city there is a huge park and fortress by the river to relax.

Sibiu, Romania

Another quaint, medieval city but this time in Romania. Sibiu is a delightful place to be with architectural and cultural charm. During the evening musicians are playing piano at the restaurants which can be heard as you stroll the streets. There is not a huge amount to do here but it is a perfect city to take your time and enjoy the surroundings.

Travelling Eastern Europe is about escaping the crippling tourism of Western Europe.


…There is nothing worse than being crowded out by numerous tour groups on every corner of every street. Eastern Europe is far better priced and has much more to offer than is widely known. Here was just five cities, but there is much more also...

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