Budapest: 5 Stunning Views of this Incredible City

One of the most popular cities to visit in Europe and rightly so. Situated on the Danube river, Budapest is known for its historic beauty and lively nightlife.

Best way to see Budapest is from one of its many vantage points. Each one offers a stunning view of the city. So where are the best viewpoints in Budapest?

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

Located on the Buda side of the Danube river, this neo-Romanesque and gothic style terrace offers excellent views across the city. On this hill you can also visit the beautiful Matthias Church which is a striking landmark that can be seen before you make your way up. The best time to visit is just after sunset as the area begins to light up.

2. Danube River

As you walk along the river there are many excellent views from both sides, but the best view is opposite the Hungarian Parliment building. Being the most prominent and impressive structure in the city this view is unmissable, there is a perfect perspective of it’s symmetry from directly infront. Excellent to visit in the day, but even better at night when the lights turn on.

3. Buda Castle

Built in the 13th century this castle complex has some of the best views to look out over Budapest. The position of this vantage point is unrivalled as you have great views of the parliment building, chain bridge and Citadella on top of Gelert Hill. Buda Castle offers a superb panorama of the city and is good to visit both day and night.

4. Budai Váralagút

From here you get the best view of the iconic chain bridge linking both sides of the Danube river. This viewpoint is built right above the tunnel which brings together the Buda and Pest sections of the city. As it is not so high you get a dynamic juxtaposition of the road, chain bridge and St. Stephen’s Basilica in the distance. It is easily accessible and only takes a few minutes to reach. Best viewed at night when the city comes to life.

5. Gelért Hill

At a height of 235m you can see across both sides of the river plus all four viewpoints previously mentioned. Gelert Hill is a tough climb and the paths are dark in the evening but it is probably the best view over Budapest. Despite the heights it can actually be reached by road, so no worries there. At the top there is a citadel offering a perfect location for an unforgettable sunset.

As you can see there are many excellent viewpoints to observe the magic of Hungary’s capital from above.


…depending on the length of your stay you should definitely go to at least one of these spots. Budapest is an excellent city to visit and it is made even better by seeing it from these locations

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