Diverse Focus is not just a space to get inspired by our magnificently diverse and incredible world, it is a vision or perhaps even a manifestation of our desire to seek freedom from the confinement of 21st century life. It is an exploration both physically and mentally, a celebration of the energy drawn through the exposure to new places and cultures. It is a space to be curious, intrigued and most importantly of all motivated to leave our comfort zone in order to appreciate it once we return.

Being forever in flux from one fleeting moment to the next we are always in transition and every memory builds a construction of who we believe ourselves to be. Understanding this begs the question whether to remain stagnate and do the same old things, or indulge in new experiences in order to grow, learn and live a richer life. Surely it is better opening our eyes to discover new surroundings rather than keeping them locked in familiarities that we have forgotten to appreciate.

This blog is an expression of such a trail of thought, it is designed to inspire others and also myself to create new memories and reflect on old ones. It is a space to share particular experiences in the hope of connecting with others who are aspiring to do such things and also those who have had similar encounters in the past. Our philosophy is simple: Explore. Discover. Develop. and enjoy every moment along the way.